Feature Reds

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012


This wine describes an elegant expression of our terroir- masculine yet sophisticated. Eco friendly farming and meticulous handling of the grapes creates intense flavors that eloquently express the site and the variety. Layers of vanilla, cocoa, blueberry, light oak tannin’s, hints of cedar and leather combine to intrigue and pleasure your senses. From salad course to dessert and beyond, this wine will never fail to please. A classic Cabernet for every occasion.

Grower’s Cuvée 2012


We are the growers and we create the blend or cuvée — hence the name of our flagship wine — Grower’s Cuvée. To create this wine we choose grapes that express the terrior from our eco-friendly farm, require careful crafting in the winery, blend for the best expression of the vintage and then bottle age it to fully develop its subtleties. Blending creates layers of flavors enhancing complexity, pleasant mouth feel and a lingering finish. Greater than the sum of its individual parts, Cuvée is a culmination of efforts that result in an exceptional bottle of wine. Explore it often with meansl or on its own, share it with friends and come back often for more. A classic wine by design.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2014


This expressive wine starts soft with hints of black currants and chocolate while finishing with notes of toasted almonds. The French oak adds subtle tannins and provides structure across the palate. Raise your glass to the past, present and future here at Trium Wines. Enjoy!